If I promised some sort of updates on my website, my continual inactivity has made a liar out of me.

I’ve been doing some cyber sec stuff, and my lazy butt needs to step it up, which I will do shortly?

My new study setup in my room, though the room is still overall messy, is pretty good right now. I got a new table perfect for all my electronics, and are just looking to get some extra cables, cable management, and surge protector stuff set up. I got a 2 screen arm, which I put together with the table. Like it so far.

So I’m just going to hunker down and start studying solidly from now on.

Maybe do some extra cleaning.

I have until like Nov. 24 or 25 to take and pass my Network+ and Security+.

After that, I’m planning on running through some basic web development stuff and just have fun with random labs and computer stuff.

Hopefully I’ll be able to bring back my mini computer club with some friends, get some comp stuff going.

That’s it for now on updates, from sleepy delirious me.