I haven’t really maintained the site, or continued to experiment with or add  more features to it.  It was originally meant to be more of a portfolio site, with the occasional peppered update, and while my visiting and posting to it might continue to be erratic, I hope to do more with in the near future.  For one, I might add more pictures, maybe posting some from the #365project I’m currently carrying out on my personal facebook page. Which iss unusual in that I should have probably posted all of those from my facebook photography page, then shared that on my personal page. Thus sharing my images with those I know, while simultaneously promoting and adding something to the other.  I hope to teach myself more things in the coming months leading up to my 25th birthday, in an increasing flurry of activity that hopefully leads to cool results. But who knows. If anything, if anyone wishes to see some of that, and the errata of my thoughts, stay tuned to this page.  Here’s to hoping I follow through.

Sincerely, a still somewhat feverish and sick José, who nonetheless continues to be awake at ungodly hours.