The website continues neglected, with very little new content, besides that little Instagram section, which just shows what I’ve posted there. And even there I don’t really post too frequently.

Lately I’ve been thinking of some of my photography project ideas, what to do next, possible videos, and maybe getting into drone stuff more seriously. If I’m to do more stuff like that and tie it to the page, I will probably rework the gallery section, which has so far been more of a place holder with 3 random pictures I just pulled from my archive.

Besides minor tweaks, I don’t know if I will try a more general reworking of the website. If I do, it’ll be after I train myself a little bit more around the basics of web design, and can do something more interesting. But before doing anything here, I might just experiment in one of my spare domains I don’t really use.

Besides thoughts of the website, I have thought about my identity, and how that might tie to some of my future work. I’m undocumented, with DACA. Which means, in the current political climate and policy, that I have a work permit. Just renewed. That upon its expiration in roughly two years time, will leave me with nothing; lest some legislation were to pass in that time. Given the protracted 17 years since the first iteration of the Dream Act, I’m not holding my breath. No protection against deportation, and no means to work.

Which means I have to within two years time come up with the means and skills of working independently and outside being traditionally employed. Maybe on a contract basis as a consultant or founding my own company?

But outside necessary if selfish concerns, I would like to do a photo project around the immigrant experience and community, in opposition to the dehumanization by some politicians of us and our families. Who vilify our parents, and their attempts to provide us with a better life. Who would lie and use coded loaded derogatory language like “chain migration” and “anchor babies”. It annoys me to see language like that, that often lies and acts like immigration law is so easy, and status something anyone can get. My mom cried when my great grandma, who practically raised me as a toddler, died. She couldn’t go attend her funeral, no matter how much she wanted, and she hasn’t been able to once go to Mexico or see any of her family since first coming here. Or the years, sometimes decades, it takes to sponsor someone.

I could really talk about immigration a whole lot more, and how that stands, but it can be exhausting to recount, and I might not be able to make it justice in a post like this.

But…yeah, that’s where the site stands right now.