The site continues pretty much dead, but I might use it to post some security stuff or research, if I manage to get anything interesting done in the future. I might do a write up on that one time someone tried a basically sim swapping attack, and how I kicked them out, hardened my accounts with MFA, etc., maybe go into password manager stuff; how to set up? Some sort of tutorial? Or if I get any CTFs done maybe write ups? If I did NaNoWriMo, I might put stuff on here, but I’m not sure I’ll finally participate this year.

I could also do a write up on some weird install stuff, or small upgrades made, like the weird stuff I had to do to get my laptop with an integrated and dedicated video card to finally boot past a black screen using the different Linux virtual terminals and the just right drivers, edit of the GRUB…but I don’t know, I’m lazy, so we’ll see.